Lengow Day 2021


Denis Oulion


Co-founder and General Manager


Denis is a specialist in the e-commerce industry and startup growth. After a Tier 1 business school master's degree with a concentration in Entrepreneurship, he worked as a sales manager and director for different companies worldwide (UK, USA). He then created 2 companies specialized in startup growth and startup management. In 2014, he co-created PAARLY with one of his former clients, where he is still working today as General Manager. He has been working in contact with digitalization projects for the past 15 years and has specialized in e-commerce projects for the past 8 years. He has witnessed the structural changes that happened in the past years such as the rise of marketplaces. Today he works closely with Chief Digital Officers and e-commerce Managers of fortune 500 companies to imagine the best strategies to boost online revenues.

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