Lengow Day 2021

Free consultations with retail experts from each domain

Wondering how you can improve your pricing strategy on marketplaces? Or how you can use augmented reality to improve your customer experience? 

Get a free consultation from the comfort of your desk and discuss with the best retail experts to help level up your e-commerce strategy.

Consulting rooms are open from 10:00 - 14:00 CET on October 7th. 

Why and how to join AliExpress as a local seller

  • Decoding Aliexpress: why and how it is interesting for retailers
  • Expand your business on Aliexpress: how to do it
  • How to connect your business with Aliexpress

Big potential for international companies: How to enter the Polish market

  • Understanding the growth of polish online sales. What are the opportunities?
  • Entering the polish e-commerce market: the keys to success.
  • Sell your products to...

How to succeed in the French e-commerce Market

  • What are the new trends in French e-commerce?
  • What are the keys to success when selling in France
  • How Cdiscount Marketplace meets the needs of the French...

Why right pricing strategies are so important on marketplaces

  • How can a brand create an online multichannel price strategy?
  • How can online prices be raised?
  • What is a buybox and why it is so important to get it with the...

How to create your own marketplace

  • Sell on multiple marketplaces thanks to Lengow and Mirakl Connect
  • Tips & Tricks to grow your sales on Mirakl marketplaces
  • Other Mirakl Connect Partners...

Social commerce: How to start?

  • Use Snapchat with an optimized product catalog
  • Create amazing product discovery and trial experiences with augmented reality
  • Reach and generate Sales from...

How to achieve perfect logistics in e-commerce

  • Delivery Trends in 2021 for online shopping
  • Deliver the perfect order and bring the customer experience to the next level
  • Tips to save time and money by...

What brands and retailers need to know about Europe's largest fashion marketplace

  •  How to join Zalando and grow your business in our 23 European markets
  •  Driving your own sales and building customer loyalty
  •  How to use zDirect portal: Get important insights into your business

How to diversify your e-commerce strategy

  • Identify new relevant marketing and sales channels
  • Use intelligent recommendations to scale your business
  • Connect with a unique e-commerce ecosystem

Discovery Marketing

  • Setting up a channel to inspire shoppers and increases conversion
  • Dynamic Publications
  • Connecting your brand with shoppers that are browsing